For students

Areas for collaboration with students:

Seminars: attractive topics for term papers with initial consultation

Bachelor and Master theses: for the best seminar papers, continued guidance for Bachelor and Master theses

Research: involvement in the Laboratory’s research group as junior members of the research team


The Data Ethics Lab continuously announces current Seminar, Bachelor and Master thesis topics related somehow to the ethical topics addressed within the Lab.


Current Topics:

Topic 1: Facebook’s decision-making algorithms and their ethical impact on the lives of individuals and society as a whole.

Topic 2: Ethical aspects of dynamic pricing in telecommunications and the impact on the lifetime value of B2B customers.

Topic 3: Ethical Aspects of Data Governance Models

Topic 4: Responsible AI

Topic 5: Privacy in the online environment


Timing: from winter term 2023

Leader (Topic 1-4). Dr. Richard A. Novak

Mgr. (5.) Dr. Tomáš Sigmund

For discussion of the topic, students can contact the thesis advisor at: and