Active grants:

TAČR – Technology Agency of Czech Republic

Project name: PrediTech

Research area: Predictive maintenance of telematics systems

Timing: 2023-25

Solution team: CTU FACULTY OF TRANSPORTATION SCIENCES, VŠE Praha – Prague Data Ethics Lab, Yunex, Tritium Systems


Project name: Intro to AV & AI ethics

Research area: Ethics of autonomous vehicles

Timing: 2022-23

Solution team: VŠE Praha, Prague Data Ethics Lab


Project name: Research on AV adoption according to TAM models (AV & TAM)

Research area: Autonomous Vehicles & Technology Adoption Models

Timing: 2023-24

Solution team: VŠE Praha, Prague Data Ethics Lab


Research areas:

Theoretical research:

List of topics we are working on and searching grant opportunities:

  • Responsible AI (Ethical & Explainable technology)
  • Privacy calculus & Machine automation vs Human autonomy
  • The impact of information technology on information overload
  • Online communities (analysis, categorization and scaling of online communities, particularly in relation to collective identity and social identity of individual users)
  • Governance of AI / Big Data projects supported by new ethical methodology & assurance tools
  • Humans’ vs machines decision making process and their uniqueness, and differences
  • Role of altruism in the digital era and its contribution to better government of societ, societal, organisational and individual perspective
  • Algorithms of social media and their impact to manipulation of society
  • 5-6G Mobile networks from the perspective of different interest groups
  • Autonomous vehicles & issues that need to be solved before implementation

We are currently working on the submission of grants under the EU Horizon, Interregion, TAČR and IGA projects.


Applied research:

From autumn 2021, the Lab offer educational and consulting services in the field of Data Ethics and related topics generated not only from academia.


Selected Publications:

NOVÁK, RichardPAVLÍČEK, Antonín. Data Experts as the Balancing Power of Big Data Ethics. Information [online]. 2021, roč. 12, č. 3. 14 s. ISSN 2078-2489. DOI: 10.3390/info12030097.

NOVÁK, RichardPAVLÍČEK, Antonín. Big Data Ethics and Specific Differences from General Data Ethics. IDIMT 2020: Digitalized Economy, Society and Information Management – 28th Interdisciplinary Information Management Talks; Trauner Verlag: Linz, Austria, 2020; Vol. 28, pp. 223–230.

SIGMUND, Tomáš. Online behaviour and privacy disclosure. In: Proceedings of the 17th International Conference Efficiency and Responsibility in Education 2020 [online]. Prague, 04.06.2020 – 05.06.2010. Prague : Faculty of Economics and Management, 2020, s. 272–278. ISBN 978-80-213-3022-1. ISSN 2336-744X. Available at:

SIGMUND, Tomáš. Information and Openness. In: Theoretical Information Studies, Information in the World. Singapur : World Scientific Publishing, 2020, s. 499–511. 511 s. ISBN 978-981-3277-48-9



KPMG DATA FESTIVAL September 2022, Autonomous vehicles and ethical AI, YouTube video

KPMG DATA FESTIVAL September 2020, Video on You Tube, see the link below.

Panel discussion on: Data, have we crossed the Rubicon? (Richard Novak, David Slánský, Cyril Klepek)